My name is….


but that’s only part of it. The other half is for another time, another place.

I have many names. Some I cherish, some I discarded long ago.

I am known different names by different people in my life. My family, my friends and collegues call me by name  different names. Each name represents a different facet of my peronality. To you I will be Erica, as for me this signifies renewal.

8 years ago was  I thrust, against my will, onto a new path that I did not choose. I spiralled into darkness. At first I was too shocked, too weak to try to claw my way out. But little by little, I grew stronger, and now I am standing in a lighter place  hoping  to leave the tunnel far behind.

I have been poor, now I am solvent. I have lacked an anchor, but now I know  that the only anchor I need is me.

This blog is about  what I  have learnt a long the way.


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