When your heart is ripped out through your arse; you know your and you must part.

When the freefall stops, you’re on the rocks; you know  your smile’s disserted you. 

When your head  screeches with shock and confusion.  The bees of hatred, love, desire and grief, buzz so loudly, that you fear, your brain will never again be clear, you know that your smile has done a runner.

When expressions of close friends  change imperceptibly from sympathy to boredom, but you cannot still your wagging tongue,  you know,  you and your smile will never be reunited.

But then

One day you wake and find  your smile fighting to break free from the mass of misery that  you’ve become.

Your thoughts turn others, you are bored with you.

You step outside, breathe the air, count your blessings, flick your hair, your life has restarted.

 You smile.





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