No longer pissed

But still in a mist

Looking for the missing bits


Health regained

Mind reframed

But still an empty space remained


I set about a quest

You see

To find the missing part of me


Music seem to set me free

But still I was not

Wholly me


I looked around

In great confusion

Was it just an wild illusion

That there was more to me

Than there appeared to be?


So in  the midst of my confusion

I fell into a great delusion

Thinking that my future lay

Where in the past I could not stay


I did not really understand

My future was already in my hands

It took you as my  catalyst

To  undercover my true bliss


Now I’m not really big on drama

But it took a little trauma

To make me stop and realise

My talent was not between my thighs

It’s between my big brown eyes


You see


I’d missed the connection

That would lead me in the right direction

Put me firmly on my path

Let my tears out

Make me laugh


It had been there all along

But I’d not practised

So it was gone

Re-emerging when you came along


It’s not about inspiration

Just daily practise and dedication

I don’t need to be smart

To create

And celebrate my art

Which comes directly from my heart


All I need to do

Is to sit

Gather my wits

Put my fingers on the keys

And start





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