All the self help books relate

Don’t  waste your energy on hate

You should try hard to relate

To people in a happy state


What these good books do not tell you

Is pushing your feelings down will fell you

If you bury all your hate

You’ll be in a sorry state


You can push it down so far

Pretend you left it at the bar

But it will bubble up and hit you

Turn you round,

and bloody kick you

There  is not a single doubt

Unvoiced hate will rub you out


It will run around your head

Making you wish that you were dead

You will think you’re being good

Doing what you know you should


Hate locked inside

will poison you

Make you shameful and blue

Make you ill

Sick and tired

Make you feel all hot and wired


So let it out

It’s ok for you to shout


“Oi fucker!

You made me feel like poo

What did I do to you?

It’s fine for you to have  your issues

So, go buy your own fucking tissues

If you’re feeling totally pissed

Go see a bloody therapist

I know you’re feeling horrible pain

But don’t treat me with disdain

I understand that you’re insane

Letting your noxious feelings reign

I know you’re feeling awful shame

That makes you want to leave the game


A bit of respect was all that was needed

Then I would have conceded

Walked away and you let be

Miserable and free


But you hurt me to the core

Trampled on me

Made me sore

Walked away without a glance

Leaving me in a tearful trance


Walking away may have set you free

But made a prisoner of me

You took no responsibility

So I turned the blame in on me


Because, you see

I believed  to be good

You should

Push that hating down inside you

Don’t let it out

Cos it will bite you


Now I know that that’s not true

So fucker, I’m saying:

I hate you”





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