This is how the story goes

This is how the truth arose

This is where the story ends

With its little twists and bends


Love grew like a delicate flower

Hidden in its shady bower

Safe from harm

For a few bright hours


First a tiny seed took root

Which became a spindly shoot

Fed by earth, water and air

Nourished with  love

And constant care


And day by day the shoot grew longer

Darker, greener,  wider, stronger

Pushing towards the warming sun

Determined that it’s work be done


Then at last a bud appears

No longer is it  a feared

To show its shy and pretty face

Gradually cranking up the pace

Growing, taller,  bigger, stronger

Cannot wait a moment longer


Then all at once

The bud unfolds

Unfurling petals

One by one

To reveal it’s hidden colour

Gorgeous in it’s gentle pallor

So delicate

This brand new flower


But a cold frost passes by

Sears that flower

So, it dies

Brown and dark and shrivelled

Life once strong

Now dead and withered


Brutally murdered

Love is gone.



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