My name is Mum


Kiss your  fingers

Wipe you bum

Feed you spinach

On and on

Tickle your toes

Pat your tum


Bimbling, walking, by  the shore

Ponies, bikes and so much more

Dinosaurs, trains, pokemon

Silly songs,

on and on

Keep you happy,

Make you smile

Grinding exhaustion

All the while


Reading, writing

One, two, three

Now you’re telling tales to me

Swimming, gyming

Kicking balls

These things are

So quickly gone


Driving, driving, everywhere

Cooking, cleaning


Sulky, sullen

In your room

Dark and smelly

Filled with gloom

Music blaring

‘Turn it off’

‘Shut up, mum-just piss off!’


Texts are flying

Your phone’s switched off

‘don’t worry mum,

I’m fine, just rough

Had a banging time last night

Now need to sleep to feel alright’


Watch  you waving too-da-loo

Nothing left for me to do

It was busy,

looking after two


Winter evenings

Dark and lonely

Cooking for one

Is kind of phoney

Silence is an empty  tune

I’m turning slowly into a loon


No one to shout at

No one to hug

No one to bug

No cheeky shrugs

No sly kisses

Impossible dreams and wishes

Now, it’s only  me

It’s shit being free


Even through my irritation

I enjoyed our conversation

biting on, my great frustration

But, I was proud, full of elation

At your manhood graduation


Now I have my peace and quiet

Life is not an endless riot

I miss you,

Yes I do

it’s no longer

Just we two






6 thoughts on “My name is Mum

  1. Wow! I so related to this as a Mom to two (now grown and married) kids! You took me back to those days when they were young and growing (and quite challenging, too) Great, poignant writing here .


  2. This is so beautiful, and will touch any parent. Bought tears to my eyes and made me think of not only my boys, but also my own lovely, long gone Mum x


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