I am a refugee living, against my will, in the digital age. Digital technology has been thrust upon me agaignst my will. I hate it:  it scares and frustrates me. It has bestowed up me the le…

Source: Analogue


One thought on “Analogue

  1. Beautiful piece of equipment, we had a green one when I was growing up. I haven’t got it anymore as we only rented it (as we did our bulbous screened TV). We even had what was known as a ‘party line’ which meant we shared it with a neighbour, and could hear their conversations if we picked up and they were making a call. I’m also overwhelmed with technology, and sometimes makes me feel inadequate and insecure. I have felt much better since disconnecting from a certain social media site. I feel very sorry for teenagers these days, I find it hard enough a mature adult.


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