Internal dialogue

Your brain is sometimes not your friend

It’s  really hard to defend

against the lies it

feeds you

When you’re nearly at the end


‘You’re ugly

you’re bad

you’re rubbish

you’re sad

no one likes you

you’re a failure

your words

are beyond the pail

You want love?

you’re a fool

no one wants you,

ugly tool

you’re not funny

you’re not rad

you’re just stupid

more than just a tad’


And the thoughts go round and round

grinding you into the ground

but they’re thoughts

they are not real

they are trying to conceal




you are clever

you are free

you’re not shit, not debris

you are prettier than you feel


Shoot them down

those useless thoughts

they are not

what you’ve been taught

Listen to what others say

they know you  in the another way

they see you as you are you truly are

they look at you from afar

they say:

‘she is


she is good

she would help us

if she could

she brings light

on a cloudy day

she punches all our woes away

she is funny

she is rad

maybe just a triffle mad’





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