Intellectualising a pebble part 2



Some time ago, I found myself in Milton Keynes shopping centre with several hours to spare.  I really didn’t fancy doing any shopping, so I decided to have a manicure in one of the large department stores. The girl assigned to do my nails was young and very scary looking; not the type of girl that one would immediately associate with that line of work.

I started chatting to her, determined to find out her story.

‘Wow’, I said, ‘you’re really good at this.’

‘Yeah,’ she replied ‘it’s my dream job, I love it’.

‘Was it always something you wanted to do?’

” Nah, I was a real terror at school. I was always being suspended for fighting and breaking their stupid rules. I never worked, I just went for the social life. They got so fed up  with me that they sent me to see a guy about my anger.  Well I had no choice, because they told my mum if I didn’t go, they would exclude me.

I got there, and this posh fella invited me in, sat down , and asked me what I felt like.  I talked, and he listened, he really listened. Then he said:

‘You don’t have to be angry, you know. I can show you how’.

Well because he had listened to me, I thought I’d be polite and listen to what he had to say. And truly, it was what started me on my path here.

He said: ‘When I’m tired, pissed off and angry, I imagine that I’m a pebble on a beach. Why don’t you try it? So I shut my eyes, and thought about a time when I was on holiday by the sea. I remember picking up a big smooth black pebble and thinking how beautiful it was. Then I thought that if I were that pebble, nobody could bother me or piss me off,  and that felt great. I just sat on the sand, and let the waves wash over me.

I saw that posh geezer a few more times, we talked a bit more about me and who I wanted to be. And although I’m not the usual beauty type, I found  that I love helping people to feel good. I went back to school, passed my exams, went to college and now, here I am, a fully qualified nail technician. And one day, I’m going to have my own business.”

I’ll  never forget that girl.



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